J.H. Benson

Turnarounds & Recoveries

J.H. Benson Turnarounds and Recoveries, LLC is a small consulting company that specializes in organizations that require a change in direction or a major makeover.  For detailed offerings, visit the SERVICES page.


The Three Kinds of Leaders

Recovery Leader

Assumes the lead of an under-performing organization: one that needs to revisit its vision, mission, and customers.  Leader often must "prune" the organization of under-performing managers.

Sustainment Leader

Takes over a producing and successful organization.  This organization has experienced success over time and needs a caretaker more than a change maker.

Turnaround Leader

Recreates an organization that has lost its direction, is financially unsound, and is heading for the boneyard without a dramatic makeover.  This leader often must "purge" the organization of under-performers, lovers of the status quo, and those whose loyalty to the leader and the new direction are suspect.


J.H. Benson Turnarounds and Recoveries, LLC will become national leader in the niche area of  turnaround and recovery of struggling and/or failing small businesses, colleges, and schools.  Initially, the company will seek to match expenses with revenues.  In the out years, the company leadership will seek to expand it value-focused business model.


J.H. Benson Turnarounds and Recoveries, LLC produces a frequent blog; authors business, education and leadership books; and delivers lectures and training in leadership and management of small businesses that support the consulting and coaching aspects of the company.  Support will also be offered to corporate boards seeking CEOs who have the personality and skill set to turnaround failing organizations.


J.H. Benson Turnarounds and Recoveries, LLC is a value-based leader for businesses and schools that cannot afford the luxury of large established consulting and leadership search firms that charge hourly rates and carry significant overhead that result in additional expenses to their customers.  The company operates in and maintains the highest ethical business practices, always placing the customer first.  Moreover, J.H. Benson Turnarounds and Recoveries' employees will be conscious of confidentiality concerns of candidates who are expressing interest in a particular position and submitting documents for hiring consideration.